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Dead to Me

Dead to Me

Dead to Me returns for its 2nd season Friday and heads down a very dark road. Some that the lie is often worse than the act, but that may not apply in the case of Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini). Their lives remain forever connected following the bloody events of the season 1 finale. Reckless behavior has forced them into constant coverup mode as they struggle to bury their past. Detective Perez (Diana Maria Riva) is seemingly putting this mystery together at a rapid rate, which only makes matters worse. While on the surface, Dead to Me‘s new season might appear to have a been there done that feel, but in reality, the show is very different this time.

In season 2, writer/creator Liz Feldman has moved the narrative spotlight away from the actual acts these women did and more on the trauma which followed. It’s one thing to want your significant other dead, but what happens when everything falls on your shoulders? Jennifer and Judy might have found a place to Steve (James Marsden), but how do they come to grips with what they’ve done? While Dead to Me season 2 certainly has some comedic moments, for the most part, the show is about two women and how their lives are caving in rapidly.

Dead to Me

Applegate and Cardellini are equally strong in this 2nd season. Jennifer (Applegate) realizes that she could lose everything because of what happened to Steve. She attempts to keep up appearances for short spurts but slowly begins to lose control of her emotions as the burden becomes too much. Cardellini balances the well-intended nature of Judy with how crazy her character is. Judy wants to be a good person, but she just can’t. Even her mother (played by Katey Sagal) sees that during their interaction in season 2.

Dead to Me
Pacing wise, the series is good but does have some moments during the middle of the season, which seem extraneous. There are many original elements to this season, of which I won’t divulge because everyone should experience them organically. Overall, the writing and solid performance from each lead are what make the 2nd season of Dead to Me worth binge-watching starting Friday. My two bits of advice make sure that you’ve seen the 1st season before starting the 2nd season and to brace yourself for a new experience this go around.
'Dead to Me' Season 2
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