Review: ‘Like A Boss’ Almost Got It Right

Like A Boss

Like A Boss, almost got the formula correct for this film. When Adam Cole-Kelly and Sam Pittman took this narrative down the raunchiest paths, the film had a Hangover vibe to it. However, when Like A Boss attempted to make some commentary about female relationships, the film lost something for me. That’s not to say the whole experience wasn’t without merit. If there was the perfect movie for a Girls Night Out, this certainly is it. I would only caution anyone who buys a ticket this weekend to temper their expectations.

Like A Boss

The film is essentially about two best friends who start up a cosmetic company who get in way over their heads and our approach by a cosmetic superstar (played by Selma Hayek) who offers to invest in the company but has an agenda as well. Like A Boss is at it’s best when Hayek, Byrne, and Haddish all share the screen. The chemistry between these three is off the charts. When they are seemingly riffing or using their physicality, the film is a riot. They made ample use of Jennifer Coolidge in the movie (who plays an employee of the characters played by Haddish and Byrne). What I was wondering is why they didn’t do the same with Billy Porter (who also plays an employee). He does have one standout comedic moment when Byrne and Haddish fire porter, but mostly he was just in the background. A shame.

While I can appreciate the themes in the film of acceptance vs. false beauty, the film came to a screeching halt for me when it attempted to make a statement about true female friendship. Those characters were already doing that very thing during their raunchiest moments. Mia and Mel (Haddish and Byrne) were in it to the very end, even when they got busted for smoking weed near a newborn child.

Overall, the film is average at best and is undoubtedly furthest from cinematic “high art,” and that’s fine. Sometimes we don’t want to watch a deep film, and this certainly fits the bill.

'Like A Boss"
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