Review: ‘Love Wedding Repeat’ An Awkward Rom-Com Gem

Love Wedding Repeat

Love Wedding Repeat is the perfect couch date movie. In a sea of endless options on Netflix, Olivia Munn’s latest release is a unique spin on a classic rom-com trope. A narrative about hijinks and secrets being revealed at a wedding is something ripped out of the 1990s. However, writer/director Dean Craig isn’t looking to recreate moments ripped from Julia Roberts and Debra Messing’s filmography. Love Wedding Repeat is based on the premise that one decision in that setting can change the course of lives, and Craig’s film looks at the various potential outcomes. The film is a hybrid version of Love Actually with a twist of Groundhog Day. 

Love Wedding Repeat

Dina (Olivia Munn) and Jack (Sam Clafin) had a chance encounter a few years back, and it left some doubt and quite a bit of regret. Years later, Dina finds herself at the wedding of Jack’s sister, and their paths cross once more. Will Jack recognize this as fate? Complicating matters, it seems his sister had a one night stand with a man 3 weeks before the wedding day, and he’s just shown up to win her heart. The right choices could quickly smooth over this stormy encounter, and the wrong ones will lead to disaster.

The strength of Love Wedding Repeat is the ensemble. At times the film certainly had a Notting Hill vibe balancing wit with romance. Munn and Clafin are certainly strong in the movie. The cinematography was nothing special, which was surprising, being that most of the film was set in Rome. Would have loved to have seen more shots of their surroundings in the film. Pacing wise, the film is undoubtedly a brisk 90 minutes with little lag. Some might take issue with their twist, which leads to incredibly awkward sequences, but it sure beats revisiting plot points we’ve seen time and time again in any number of films.


'Love Wedding Repeat'
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