Review: ‘Ozark’ Season 3 Is Just Insane


Ozark season 3 makes the previous two seasons look like an ABC afterschool special. Netflix’s smash original series has certainly had a flair for dramatic twists, but this new season will blow your mind. The writing this season is better than ever. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney are both fantastic as the heads of the Byrde family. Thanks mostly in part to some decisions and sacrifices made in the first two seasons; the family business is booming. They are still able to launder massive amounts of cash while appearing to be running a clean operation. However, it seems those decisions are coming back to haunt the family in season 3.

The stress of aligning with the Cartels is causing what’s left of their marriage to fracture. FBI agents are breathing down their necks auditing everything in the Casino, making any laundering impossible. Ruth (Julia Garner) is starting to question her loyalty to the family the killed her father. Helen (Janet Mc Teer) who is a lawyer for the cartel that’s seemingly on their side but quickly reveals she has other intentions. It seems as if every decision (whether good or bad) has only bought them some precious moments, but now time seems to be running out on the first family of the Ozarks.


The use of lighting in the new season was especially effective. The natural light allowed each shot to show off the Ozark’s beauty. The use of darkness and dimly lit areas certainly added an element of suspense. There are undoubtedly several closeups that gave the series a more personal touch than the previous two. We have to remember Ozark is more than a story about laundering and cartels. This tale is really about how this all-American family is splintering at the seams. Without giving anything away, this season, MVPs are Helen and Ruth, and it’s not even close.

Overall, with many people searching for what to binge this weekend, it’s rare that you can choose one of the best series on television.

'Ozark' Season 3 Review

5 thoughts on “Review: ‘Ozark’ Season 3 Is Just Insane

  1. I found myself fast forwarding some episodes. U cdan talk about arc, character development, subtleties, lightning, music score and those things critics like to talk about to seem, well, critics. The truth is that this season is boring.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, the correction has been made. Thanks for the feedback. While the review is general at what worked and what didn’t I can certainly understand why some reviews would dive deeper. I felt a deep dive in this instance would lead to some spoilers.

  2. Hello Dewey,
    One thing that keeps bothering me:
    When they got brother Ben out of the medical institution, Marty and Ruth met him at her trailer.
    Why wasn’t he forced back on medication by the both of them?

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