Review: ‘The Big Show Show’ is Fine … I Guess

The Big Show Show

The Big Show Show premieres on Netflix April 6th, and it brings back memories of shows like Just the Ten of Us and Step by Step. That’s not necessarily a knock against the show; it’s just this new series starring former WWE star Paul Wight is shooting for a specific demographic. It’s hard to imagine any kid born in the last ten years will actively be seeking this show. It seems the show is geared towards dads who love WWE and long for late 80’s style programming. Hell, they even cast Urkel in the series. Was Mr. Finney or Mr. Belding not available?

The Big Show Show

The Big Show Show is loosely based on the life of WWE star Paul Wight. Wight is trying to find his footing after retiring from wrestling. He’s outnumbered in his house by three daughters and a business-minded wife (played by Allison Munn). If the number of tropes in a show measured quality, then this would be considered one of the greatest shows ever created.

This series seems out of place on Netflix. While I understand the streaming giant is playing to a specific demographic, most Netflix series attempt to break some new ground. There’s nothing original about the show. Oh, wait! He’s a former wrestler that’s the twist! How silly of me to ignore Wight’s fictional portrayal of himself being a larger life goofy father as not being the epitome of entertainment.

The casting was predictable. Each one of his daughters represented a specific 80‘s level trope not seen since Just the Ten of Us. We, of course, have the popular one Lola (Reylynn Carter), the worldly one Mandy (Lily Brooks O’Briant), and of course, J.J. (Juliet Donenfeld), who is the sneaky one. Allison Munn plays Wight’s wife Cassy and can’t even sell that on screen. I’m not saying they have to be all over one another, but at least Hariette made us believe she was into Carl Winslow. Wight’s performance is hard to evaluate because it’s just him playing a fictional version of himself.

Overall, while The Big Show Show is hard to get through, it’s okay if anyone is struggling for something to watch during this age of quarantine. Just don’t expect too much laughter or for it to hold anyone’s attention for very long.



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3 thoughts on “Review: ‘The Big Show Show’ is Fine … I Guess

  1. Oh yeah these tropes are specific to just the 80’s sitcoms… Yep no other sitcom has had a popular kid a wordly kid and a sneaky kid since the 80’s yep. if most people are enjoying this ur expertise seems to be rather irrelevant and quite frankly you don’t actually seem to know all that much about the show. Just the roles of certain characters and the main premise. How about you break it down in greater give me the breakdown of the pilot and rate it as a stand alone show rather than comparing it to older sitcoms as the tropes u stated have been used in pretty much every sitcom with families. Hell Malcolm in the middle comes to mind. Soo… I seriously doubt you have any real idea of what the show is about and just criticized a very thin layer of what the show is about. A sitcom has never once been made based on the life of a retired wwe star. It is innovative which you said the lack of was why you gave it a low rating then turned around and just blew off the fact that it is innovative. Tell me what makes you more qualified than me to criticize anything? Some piece of paper that u probably had no training to get and just paid some money to get so that you can feel accomplished. If ur gonna critic something go into detail. Explain, in depth, what you do and don’t like about the show and definitely don’t say contradictory things in ur critic

    1. Also ur probably just gonna get mad and brush me off cause you know I’m pretty accurate. Still I’d find it extremely funny and ironic if a critic got mad about being criticized. So either you prove my point or u post my comments either way I win

    2. I appreciate the feedback. I’m glad that you liked ‘The Big Show Show’ but it was a hard watch, to say the least. As I have said in the past and I’ll say once again, I am just one opinion and everyone is entitled to his or her own take. As for drawing a connection between this show and other sitcoms, those were at least entertaining. It didn’t matter to me who the lead was (a retired WWE star or just another actor), they didn’t stick the landing with this one (in my view). As for comments, I’ll always post them … good, bad, or indifferent. The wonderful thing about film or television is that it generates discourse. As for what makes me qualified … I guess my experience reviewing other shows over the years in various capacities. Again, I appreciate that you liked the show and I’m glad you watched it. I just wouldn’t suggest others follow your lead.

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