Sam Pollard

Interview: Director Sam Pollard Discusses Current Events And ‘MLK/FBI’

Sam Pollard’s MLK/FBI is the most consequential documentary of the 2020/21 award season. Pollard’s latest project began its awards season journey at TIFF 2020 and drew rave reviews. The documentary is currently at over 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and was acquired for domestic distribution by IFC Films. Could IFC have acquired the best documentary of the year? Time will tell.

MLK/FBI – courtesy of TIFF

Thanks to the fantastic Public Relations staff at IFC, we were able to speak with Mr. Pollard about his documentary and connect the events which took place at the Capitol with moments that occurred during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. This conversation was far from our norm, but it provided a broad scope of our society’s issues.

MLK/FBI opens up on January 15th.

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