Parks and Recreation Special

Review: A ‘Parks and Recreation’ Special

Parks and Recreation is one of the best series NBC has ever carried. For six seasons, we were given a peek inside the interworkings of city hall in Pawnee, Indiana. We grew to admire Leslie Knope for her convictions and giggle anytime City Manager Ron Swanson opened up his mouth. Creators Greg Daniels and Michael Schur crafted a menagerie of colorful characters America fell in love with.  Despite calls for a reboot or reunion show, Schur seemed to resist the idea until recently. Tonight our wishes have come true as NBC is set to air the Parks Recreation reunion fans have craved. The purpose is to promote a fundraiser for Feeding America, which is essential now more than ever during the COVID-19 crisis.

Parks and Recreation Special
PARKS AND RECREATION SPECIAL — Pictured: “Parks and Recreation Special” Key Art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

Everyone has returned for this special episode, and I do mean everyone. The setup for the episode is Leslie attempting to check-in on her pals during this era of social distancing. Just to get everyone up to speed, Gary’s still in Pawnee as the mayor while the rest of the cast is spread out across America. Yes, a program that looks like Zoom or Microsoft Teams is used heavily, but it doesn’t detract from the special.

While I don’t want to give away some of the more creative moments from the special, the writers certainly struck the right tone in their approach to his episode. They weaved an array of topics ranging from e-learning, teachers, quarantines, and the importance of self-care. If anything, this episode was the welcome break from reality that America needs, and it made miss the show even more. If this special does enormous numbers, maybe we could see a reboot down the line? One can only hope so.

'Park Recreation' Special
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