A Plot Against America

Review: ‘A Plot Against America’ Episode 1-4

A Plot Against America is the best-limited series on HBO since Chernobyl. While a great tragedy inspired last year’s phenomenal release, their latest series executive produced by David Simon and based on Phillip Roth’s book. Roth’s narrative imagines a dystopian world where Charles Lindbergh defeats Roosevelt in the presidential election and slowly ushers fascism into the United States. While the story is certainly compelling, the show wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining without this tremendous cast. If you haven’t started watching the series, it’s undoubtedly binge-worthy. Here are 5 reasons why.

5. The show is shot beautifully.

John Turturro

The cinematography is some of the best I’ve seen on television in 2020. The perfect mix of a light and dark color palette pops on screen. What I did notice is how subtle the cinematographer was in allowing the darker tones begin to dominate as the series progressed.

4. Great Production Design

A Plot Against Amierca

Love the attention to detail in how the show was filmed and the sets were constructed.

3.  Love how Herman Levin is the voice of reason.


In a world where it seems the majority of Americans are mesmerized by Lindbergh’s rhetoric, Herman Levin (Morgan Spector) seems to be one of the few who isn’t buying it. Spector strikes quite a balance as Levin between a brash denouncer of anti-semitism and fear for the safety of his family. Excellent performance through 4 episodes.

2. Winona Ryder is coming for that Emmy.

A Plot Against America

Winona Ryder is just brilliant in the series.

1. John Turturro will blow you away. 

A Plot Against America

Turturro plays a rabbi who seemingly has a dark side to him, and it’s starting to show itself in episode 4. He commands every scene he’s in.

Have you been watching A Plot Against America? 

'A Plot Against America' Review Episode 1-4
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