Review: ‘Buffaloed’ Is a Showcase For Zoey Deutch


Buffaloed is yet another release showing just how immensely talented Zoey Deutch is. It just seems that no matter the role, Ms. Deutch nails her performance, which in Buffaloed is crucial. Her energy is what carries this debt collection comedy. Directory Tanya Wexler’s latest project may lack depth but makes up for it with comedic exuberance. In this time of Social Distancing and stress about school closings, this type of film is the perfect distraction. These days, most of use will take that.


The film centers around Peg (Deutch), who, after being released from prison, starts working for a debt collector, which inspires her to branch out on her own. At times the film takes a bit of a Deadpool turn when she breaks the 4th wall, but most of the more comedic moments are predictable yet funny still. It’s weird cause Deutch manages to sell every one of those moments no matter how corny they come off. Yes, there’s a great deal of time dedicated to buffalo wings, which in most circumstances would be groan-worthy, but here it just works. The film is far from perfect but can’t imagine a better 90-minute rom-com to stream while we all quarantine and chill.



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