Review: ‘I May Destroy You’ Episode 1

I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You begins this Sunday on HBO with a compelling look at consent in the ever-changing landscape of dating. Michaela Coel writes and stars in HBO’s latest series, and so far, it’s showing tons of promise. The show centers around Arabella (Coel), who returns to London after visiting her boyfriend in Italy only to realize she’s now on a tight literary deadline. She attempts to pull an all-nighter to finish her book but goes out instead, which has a long-lasting impact.

Here are some of my takeaways from Sunday night’s episode –

5. Trauma –

I May Destroy You

I think that this show is going to deal with the impact trauma can have on someone psychologically. At the end of the episode, she begins having slight flashbacks to that night as she pieces together what went wrong.

4. Perception –

Michaela Coel

I think that Arabella is going to struggle with the truth and try to project a look of someone fine when she is not.

3. The Poster –

I May Destroy You

This poster is just perfect in my eyes. It gives the impression that she is going through a storm, and she is on a personal level. I also love the idea that Arabella has to “Find Your Way Forward” because many victims have to that very thing.

2. Moving on –

I May Destroy You

Most of this show looks as if it will be finding your way after experiencing something so horrific. The message here couldn’t be any timelier in this current environment.

1. Based on –


One of the friends in the inner-circle had to have drugged her. How else would she be that out of it? Also, what does it say about those text messages in the club?

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