Review: ‘I May Destroy You’ Episode 2

I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You is slowly but surely starting to garner the praise it deserves. Critics have seen it from the onset. The following for the show is beginning to grow and with good reason. Michaela Coel’s series addresses some very mature subjects (assault, consent, and date rape, for example) in a very raw and realistic manner. The writing flows to create this sense of ease while watching these episodes only to get gutted by yet another twist in Arabella’s ordeal. Here are some of my takeaways from Monday night’s episode.

3.  She’s been betrayed –

I May Destroy You

As Arabella attempts to piece together what happened to her that night, it’s becoming more evident that she’s been betrayed, and it appears by everyone. She approaches Simon and Terry to help retrace her steps that night, and nothing they are saying adds up to what she’s able to piece together. The inconsistency only adds to the level of intrigue.

2. She’s come to terms –

I May Destroy You

While Arabella has up until now made every excuse to explain away visions she’s having, during questioning at the police station, she realizes what has happened. One of the individual scenes of 2020 so far.

1. Playing it off –

Michaela Coel

Arabella attempts to play off these events like she’s going to be okay, but given her abusive habits, it seems this event could send her down a rabbit hole. What were your thoughts about tonight’s episode of ‘I May Destroy You’?

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