Review: ‘I May Destroy You’ Episode 3

I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You took a sharp turn on Sunday night. At least for this week, we weren’t trying to figure out what happened to Arabella. It seems that this week filled everyone on what occurred in Italy. It’s hard not to think that this flashback might go a long way towards solving what happened to her after the blackout. Right now, it’s looking like her best friend might have been into some weird things. Could she have sold her best friend out? Here are some of my takeaways from tonight’s episode

4. Trust –


After seeing these two party hard in Italy, it’s hard to ignore their bond together. It’s also easy to see how her best friend could use that against her.

3. Maybe it was him –

I May Destroy You

Could this guy be any less guilty? He just screams guilt. Maybe I’m overthinking I May Destroy You? 

2. The Boyfriend –

I May Destroy You

The boyfriend seemed too obvious, but it just might be him.

1. Her Bestfriend –

I May Destroy You

Her best friend seems that she could be in too deep and would sell Arabella out. What did you think of this week’s I May Destroy You? 

'I May Destroy You' Episode 3
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