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Space Force

Space Force is an abomination. There’s nothing funny about the show. It’s an attempt to parody the President’s addition of a space-centric branch of the military that misses the mark so much that it’s shocking. On the surface, nothing about the build-up to the first season gave us any warning. Greg Daniels and Steve Carell are co-creators on the show. The cast has the likes of Ben Schwartz, John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, and the late Fred Willard. One would think that there’s plenty of source material to grab from. With all that being said, Space Force is still one of the worst television series released in 2020.

Space Force

This show is undoubtedly a massive disappointment to fans of Daniels and Carell’s work. The show is based on Mark Naird (Carell), a fictional character who just ascended to the rank of 4-star general only to find out he has been given the task leading the newly formed Space Force. One of the more glaring issues about the show is the questionable creative decisions the show makes. For the starters, the show seems to take a serious approach to how these characters are constructed. Naird comes off as a career military man that believes in this newly formed branch of the military whose prospects seem bleak at best. What becomes confusing is how the supporting cast is the polar opposite if the show’s purpose is to ridicule the creation of this branch, then why create this dichotomy.

Space Force

The writing in Space Force is all over the place. There are plot points in the series which remain unanswered and moments in the show, which are just left unexplained. There’s a narrative arc that occurs to Kudrow’s character (she plays Naird’s wife) that remains unexplained at the end of season 1. It just seems many of the moments weren’t well thought out and based on loose premises and nothing more. That’s not going to work with this sort of show. If the point is to poke fun at the recent creation of the sixth branch of the military, then by golly, the comedy should be constructed well. No matter how odd Parks and Recreation or the Office ever got, there was at least a path forward.

Space Force
For example, there’s a scene in one of the early episodes where Naird is forced to inspire (with the help of his trailer) a monkey Astronaut to try and repair a satellite that was disabled by the Chinese scientists in space. The mission is a disaster, and those same scientists capture the monkey. Meanwhile, the satellite is still falling towards Earth. We never really find out what happens to the satellite. It’s as if it never existed. What? This is just one of many examples in which audience members are left puzzled.

If there’s is one positive to the show, it’s probably Ben Schwartz who plays the social media manager for Space Force. Listening to him explain how things trend to John Malkovich’s character (who plays the lead scientist at Space Force) was amusing. However, any comedic momentum was snuffed out by such awful decision making. Who decided that the show needed an extended and drawn out lampooning of AOC? It’s not that I mind someone making fun of the Representative from New York but at least be funny when you do it!

There is no reason why anyone should waste there time watching Space Force. This is coming from a massive fan of Steve Carell and Greg Daniels. The whole experience of watching the show was downright shocking. If you want to give it a chance, please do so, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

'Space Force'
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