Review: ‘The Hunt’ Is Awful Garbage

The Hunt

The Hunt is one of the few movies that wasn’t delayed in response to the Coronavirus and should have been. There’s nothing redeemable about the film. It’s poorly conceived, horribly written, filled with gross stereotypes in an attempt to be outrageous but only incites ungodly amounts of irritation at how boring the film truly is. The run time for the film is one hour and twenty minutes, but it feels like a four-hour film. All Time comes to a screeching halt watching The Hunt and not in a good way. Betty Gilpin, Ike Barinholtz, and Hillary Swank have to beyond embarrassed even to be associated with this release. Swank and Gilpin are likely jealous that Barinholtz dies in the first ten minutes of the film.

The Hunt

The premise of The Hunt centers around a dystopian world where liberal-minded individuals select twelve conservatives to hunt for sport. Where the film falls off the rails is that in the first 15 minutes of this train wreck is when it pivots towards relying on gross stereotypes. It seems Damon Lindelof feels that most conservative-minded individuals are all from the south and talk with a twang. This is just lazy writing.

There’s nothing skillful about how the film is shot or even the performances. Hillary Swank’s attempt at playing a psychotic liberal was laughable. Betty Gilpin’s attempt at being a southerner was a ton of squinting and a terrible accent. Ike Barinholtz isn’t even the movie long enough to pass any sort of judgment. Sadly, Universal used a tragedy to delay the film to appear as if they cared, but in reality, they just wanted to drum up support for a horrid product. Don’t see this movie and support something that shouldn’t have even been shown to the general public.

'The Hunt'
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