Review: ‘Westworld’ Episode 7

Westworld certainly took anyone’s claims that this new season was unclear and blew that out of the water on Sunday night. Fans finally saw exactly who Caleb was and what role he will play in what’s to come this season. We also noticed that Delores was willing to sacrifice anyone or anything (including herself) to achieve her ultimate goal, which is a revolution. While we had a cursory understanding of the phrase “Free will isn’t free,” many will finally see how that impacts Season 3 and beyond. Here are 5 takeaways from Sunday’s episode.

5. Serac’s vision


It seems Serac’s view of the world was not so different than his vision towards hosts. Take the unpredictable elements and eliminate them, and those who are left can be controlled through calculated actions dictated by AI. Remember the app which Caleb uses to make money? In Serac’s world, everything is programmed, even humans.

4. Really?

Jeffrey Wright

Did you think that the man in black was trustworthy? If you did, then you’ve never seen an episode of Westworld. 

3. Delores had her motives.

Aaron Paul

Delores didn’t bring Caleb back to where he was initially brainwashed for compassionate reasons. Caleb seeing the truth was precisely the spark she needed to get him to turn on humanity and help achieve her goal.

2. It’s all a lie.


Every memory that Caleb has is some distortion of reality. Not only does he sees the real issue, but he also realizes that it’s partially his fault that Serac has been successful to date.

1. The truth!


Caleb now understands what he must do to free the 100’s of people who have been put in a deep freeze because they were labeled “unpredictable.” Delores paid a heavy price during this sequence, but something tells me she’ll recover.

Overall, this episode was everything fans could have hoped for plus a beautiful fight sequence between Delores and Maeve.

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