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‘The Flight Attendant’ Episode 4 Review (2020)

The Flight Attendant has, in short order, developed quite a following of fans. The closest thing that one can compare it to is how people took to Euphoria. Perhaps it’s the way it’s shot or how they adopted this limited series for HBO and HBO Max; whatever the case, people are wondering what twisted thing will befall Cassie (Kayley Cuoco) next. Also, don’t be surprised when Cuoco is a serious contender at both Emmy and Golden Globe awards. She is terrific! With that in mind, here are 5 takeaways from episode 4 of The Flight Attendant. 

5. Wow!

The Flight Attendant

Even Cassie can get it together when her brother and his husband come to town. It seems too good to be true.

4. So…

The Flight Attendant

So apparently, Cassie wasn’t just a mess as an adult, according to her brother.

3. Flashbacks?

The Flight Attendant

Apparently, our flashbacks aren’t just reserved for drunken nights where Cassie ends up in bed with a mogul who is murdered. She’s only now realizing how horrible her brother was treated.

2. Flashbacks and trash …


At least Cassie keeps it on brand with her flashbacks. It seems the only person she’s able to confide in is the image of a man who is clearly dead. Does she love him? If we are looking for one positive, it seems that there are certainly answers to be found in the trash that Cassie took.

1. Could it get much worse?


Cassie’s brother doesn’t want to be in her life. She’s a murder suspect. There’s clearly a mystery woman stalking her. Now, it seems that this murder had something to do with weapons being traded or sold. 

What did you guys think of the 4th episode?

'The Flight Attendant' Episode 4
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