The Flight Attendant

‘The Flight Attendant’ Finale Review

The Flight Attendant is one of the more pleasant surprises that HBO Max had this year. While they certainly didn’t expect it to be awful, it’s reasonable to assume that no one saw how popular this show was going to be when they first put the deal for Kayley Cuoco’s dramedy together last year. I imagine that the executives at Warner Brothers would love to see the series continue but they went in knowing this was a limited run. With that in mind, Here are 5 takeaways from the finale.

5. Live-Action Carmen Sandiego?

The Flight Attendant

If someone ever considers doing a live-action Carmen Sandiego, they need to first lock in Rosie Perez because man did she give some of those vibes off during this series.

4. Say What?

Kayley Cuoco

So you are fairly sure a killer is following your every move and you decide that the best move is to just act like all is well?

3. Sure ……


So Cassie basically destroyed her career and everything is as it was? Maybe, she shouldn’t have got her in this position to begin with and she wouldn’t have had to break the rules to prove her innocence.

2. The CIA ???

The Flight Attendant

I guess when someone commits “light treason”, the CIA was bound to get involved.

1. So it took …

The Flight Attendant

So it took almost being killed by multiple people in multiple different instances to realize that Cassie had some personal demons she had to conquer?

While it’s a shame that this series isn’t moving forward, Kayley Cuoco is now firmly in the discussion for an Emmy nomination based on a fantastic performance in a role she was made to play. What were your thoughts on The Flight Attendant finale? Let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of the article.

The Flight Attendant Finale
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