‘Watchmen’ Episode Six Review: The best yet

Tonight’s episode of Watchmen was just fantastic and will be lauded as the best of the series to date. There isn’t a show right now that’s able to capture the essence of its source material while still stay committed to telling these stories. The cinematography and editing for this episode were top notch. All of the action sequences were fantastic. On top of all which worked, episode six is pretty crucial in the context of season one. Tonight we learned of Angela’s grandfather and where he came from (in hopes of shedding light on why he was next to Judd’s lifeless body). With that in mind, here are three takeaways from tonight’s episode.

3. Me against the world.


At this point, Angela feels betrayed (especially by Laurie), and whatever relationship they did have is all but gone.

2. We now know what drives her grandfather to do what he does.


So Angela’s grandfather is part of the minutemen, and we get to see what drove him to don the mask? Could that be why Angela does what she does? What is the connection between his past and her present?

1. If Hooded Justice is Angela’s grandfather, then where are the rest of his friends?


Are the rest of the minutemen going to show up in the first season of Watchmen, or could this all be hyperbole?

'Watchmen' Episode 6
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